Paul Finebaum told what Nick Saban is in real life


It’s no secret that Paul Finebaum knows Alabama head coach Nick Saban pretty well.

After all, Finebaum has been covering the SEC for the past few years and is even writing a book about Saban. It is expected to be released in September next year.

Recently, he told what Saban is like as a person outside the football field.

“Believe it or not, I’m working on a book,” Finebaum said via Saturday Down South. “And he is a big part of the book, and I will try to explain the psychology of Nick Saban. He’s not someone you want to grab and probably entertain, but he can be funny. ) what you will appreciate is that the best conversations I’ve ever had with Nick Saban were not about football, but about music.”

Saban seems to like a lot of classic rock. According to Finebaum, he is a big fan of The Eagles.

Saban’s team will return to the field next week when the Crimson Tide plays the Utah Aggies.

The beginning will be at 19:30. ET.


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