Paul Finebaum Suggests an Interesting Name for Auburn’s Next Coach


Like many, Paul Finebaum ended the Brian Harsin era at Auburn.

And on Monday, an ESPN personality called an interesting name to replace: Hugh Freeze from Liberty.

During a recent podcast appearance with colleague Matt Barry, Finebaum said he could see the return of former head coach Ole Miss to the SEC.

A couple of years ago I was in Oxford and had dinner with him, and he’s a very persuasive person. And he briefly went through everything that led him to the unemployment queue. And I’m trusting Matt. If you were there, you’d be nodding your head: I vote for you, Hugh, whatever you sell. That’s how good he is.

Finebaum continued to praise Friese’s aggressiveness and his talent to coach the Tigers.

And you think about it, I mean, I love two-point conversions. You don’t want to play overtime against the mighty Wake Forest. He beat a couple of ACC teams, he almost won every one of those games. That’s how… and that’s with Liberty’s talent. Can you imagine Auburn’s talent? And he knows it, he and [Gus] Malzan were very close friends. He knows the area, I think his daughter even went there for a while, so he knows the way to Auburn. It’s definitely a name you should keep an eye on.

The Gus Malzan factor may prove to be an important factor in the eventual landing of the Frieze at Auburn.


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