Paul Finebaum reacts to Alabama’s close win in Texas


Bryce Young needed a flawless final dash to overtake Alabama over Texas in what was expected to be a crushing victory for the Crimson Tide. As expected, SEC analyst Paul Finebaum wasn’t impressed.

Speaking on SportsCenter, Finebaum said that Alabama’s game against Texas showed him that the Crimson Tide is overrated. Then he started copying game calls and expressed doubts about whether they were a lock for the college football playoffs.

“First of all, they told us they were overrated,” Finebaum said via Saturday Down South. “A week ago we couldn’t figure out how to keep them out of the playoffs. Now they have a very difficult path ahead of them. I still think they will get their way, but so many problems have been identified in this team. You start with a game call. Bill O’Brien’s play-call in this game was terrible at times. The line of attack didn’t help matters much.

Finebaum believes that if not for star quarterback Bryce Young, mistakes could have cost Alabama the game. He believes Nick Saban has kept Alabama on the right track.

“Fortunately, you have the best quarterback in the country, but it was penalties over and over again. Mistakes were made, including some, I can add quite a few, by Will Anderson Jr., whom many of us continue to insist that he should correct them. I have to be in New York for the Heisman ceremony. There’s a lot to do. Fortunately for Alabama, Nick Saban is still working as a coach, and we have plenty of time.”

On the one hand, Alabama was on the road in Austin in one of the noisiest atmospheres in all sports. On the other hand, Alabama has been in the same position before and definitely hasn’t brought its game to this.

It took a lot of luck and a few timely Texas injuries to keep Alabama from losing by double digits, let alone winning the game.

Is Alabama really struggling as much as Paul Finebaum thinks?


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