Paul Finebaum made a blunt forecast for the future of college football


Paul Finebaum didn’t mince words when discussing the future of college football.

Finebaum spoke with Greg McElroy during SEC Media Week on Wednesday morning and believes there will be a big gap between fans and the game at some point.

“Ultimately, I think American football is heading for the cliff,” Finebaum said. “I don’t think it’s going to happen right away, but things are moving so slowly, something is not happening fast as far as changes are concerned, and at some point I believe there will be a serious gap between the fans and the game. Fans love players and coaches, but I think they will start attacking presidents and even commissioners.”

The realignment of the conference has been the most important event in college athletics over the past year.

Top teams like Texas and Oklahoma join the SEC, which leaves some other conferences in limbo.

Heck, even USC and UCLA will join the Big Ten in a couple of years, which will make the Pac 12 scramble.

Soon, other schools will move conferences and shake up student athletics.