Paul Finebaum frankly admitted to the expectations of Alabama


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During his regular appearance on the program “McElroy and Kubelik in the morning” at the beginning of the week, ESPN American football host Paul Finebaum shared his thoughts about the expectations of the Alabama championship or a loss.

Saying that Tide’s current mindset reminds him of Tiger Woods in his prime, when he was chasing Jack Nicklaus’ record in the majors.

When you talk about college football today, there’s Alabama [Nick Saban] and everyone else. It doesn’t matter if Georgia won last year or not, it’s still about Alabama, because when polls are published today and whenever AP polls are published, Alabama is ranked first.

… This is the part of last year that cannot be forgotten. The fact that Alabama was preseason No. 1 in the rebuilding year. This suggests that Alabama, yes, they are competing with everyone else, but in fact they are competing with themselves, and therefore Nick Saban always manages to find an advantage.

The conversation began after McElroy, one of the first QBs of the Saban era, noticed something different about the modern Bam.

“We used to use the ‘one game at a time, one day at a time’ approach,” McElroy explained. “Now almost no one shies away from talking about a championship or a bust.”

Led by reigning Heisman Trophy winner Bryce Young and top linebacker Will Anderson Jr., Nick Saban and Alabama will once again be aiming for another national title in 2022.


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