Paul Casey quits PGA Tour for LIV Golf: Fan reaction


Paul Casey has made a decision; he is leaving the PGA Tour to participate in the LIV Golf Invitational Series.

Casey joins a long list of PGA Tourers leaving for the Saudi-backed golf league. He made the official decision this Saturday afternoon.

As you can imagine, Casey’s decision caused a strong reaction on Twitter.

“Paul Casey, who once refused to play in Saudi Arabia because of his charitable ties with UNICEF, has signed a contract with the Saudi-funded LIV Golf. Absolutely desperate to hear how he will try to justify it. #LIVGolf,” the fan said.

“#BREAKING: Paul Casey, once a golfer who refused to play in the Saudi Open, citing human rights concerns, has officially joined LIV GOLF,” NUCLR GOLF wrote.

“Another big name for LIV. People are still denying what is happening, but they will come to their senses soon,” wrote LIV Golf Latest.

“44-year-old Paul Casey is officially joining LIV Golf, joining his longtime Ryder Cup teammates Lee Westwood, Ian Poulter, Sergio Garcia and Graeme McDowell,” said Dan Rapaport.

“Paul Casey has now been announced as the next #LIVGolf player. Ranked 26th in the world. I haven’t played since March due to injury. Will put LIV 22 out of the top 100 players,” said Bob Harig.

Another famous name in the LIV Golf Invitational series.

The PGA Tour has a problem.