Paty Cantú reveals one of the diseases with which she has struggled the most


Do you know what Hypothyroidism is, the disease that Paty Cantú suffers from? “I think we have to normalize conversations that are completely and absolutely human,” the singer said about this.

Paty Cantú reveals that she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism a long time ago, a disease that occurs when the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormones to meet the body’s needs, which affects expiration, heart rate, weight, digestion and moods.

This is why the singer did a benefit concert for this disease called UnRecordPorLaTiroides and she opens up about this disease.

Paty Cantú talks about her illness
The singer of “Fortunately it’s not you” says that she has struggled over the years with this disease, since it is difficult to find an accurate diagnosis to be able to treat it.

Pantý Cantú assures that they told him “20 more things that were not”, so he went through several studies. “They did blood tests, they told me: ‘You have leukemia, you have lupus.’ They told me any number of things, it took me a year to pursue the diagnosis. Fortunately, after so many doctors, his life returned to normal.”



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