Patrick Dempsey disappointed by actors he admired!


Patrick Dempsey has made statements about actors he admires. The actor of Grey’s Anatomy confided without language …

Patrick Dempsey has made some stormy statements about some actors he has met in his career. The actor of Grey’s Anatomy therefore confided without too much restraint …

Being an actor is the unique opportunity to act in films. And thus rub shoulders with other actors. Some become friends, and others just play partners.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Ellen Pompeo’s partner in Grey’s Anatomy made rare confidences about some actors. And he didn’t go with the back of the spoon.

Patrick Dempsey therefore revealed how important the atmosphere is for an actor to soak up the atmosphere of a shoot. He also pointed to the behavior of some of his colleagues. And he didn’t go with a dead hand.

“I remember Gene Wilder. I loved him. And I was lucky enough to meet him. He was one of the nicest celebrities. So I will never forget him, “he recalled. And that’s not all.

“I remember receiving a lot of love from him. And I try to remember that every time I shoot. It is important. This is what we all want. I had bad experiences with some actors that I loved. It disappointed me, “he added.

The actor recalled, “I loved them. But they were so disappointing. I especially don’t want to act like them. This is not who I am. », Revealed Patrick Dempsey, without naming a name.


Patrick Dempsey isn’t one to mince words. These bad meetings made him realize that he absolutely did not want to evolve in this direction.

“So I want to create a healthy environment for everyone. A fun environment for all. Professional and focused. Obviously. “, he added. After leaving Gray’s Anatomy, the young man has therefore moved on to artistic projects.

The Grey’s Anatomy actor is currently staring in the Devils series. It airs on Now Tv and Sky Witness. The series tells the story of a great financier, Massimo Ruggero, who becomes the prime suspect in the death of his rival.

Patrick Dempsey therefore plays Dominic Morgan, an American banker, hungry for power. A role he loves to play, as he revealed to Le Figaro.

“I devoured the script. So I never knew where it was going to take us. It was the opportunity to play the kind of role that until now had eluded me. It was exciting. I loved. “, He told the press. After playing Dr Mamour for several years, Patrick Dempsey therefore obtains a more mature role.

With Devils, the American actor thus confirms his taste for European productions. In fact, just like the series The Truth about the Harry Quebert affair, the shooting took place in London. “So this is my first time filming in English. I spent two weeks at Morgan Stanley Bank. In London. So I met some great people there. I loved it, “he told Le Figaro.


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