Patricia Richardson From Home Improvement Explained That Tim Allen’s Clip Shines For Her After Pamela Anderson Said The Same Thing


Pamela Anderson is back in the headlines thanks to the release of her upcoming memoir titled “Love, Pamela” and a Netflix documentary that focuses similarly on her meteoric rise to fame, as well as her later life and numerous successes. An early excerpt from the book blew up this week when Anderson claimed that former “Home Improvement” co-star Tim Allen showed her his penis on set. Allen denied everything, but after a video clip appeared in which the comedian lifts his kilt in front of co-host Patricia Richardson, everything became foggy in a new way. Now the actress has responded and given some clarification about what is going on.

The clip is actually one of the many “Home Improvement” moments that regularly play out during the end credits of each episode. And this may be familiar to those who regularly watched the show during its ABC years. Allen’s character Tim Taylor wears a kilt, which Jill Richardson commented on, saying she would like it to be shorter. At that moment, Allen lifted his kilt, and it would seem that only his colleague in the film saw what was under him, and the audience in the studio howled.

Patricia Richardson told TMZ that fans were curious about what was going on at that moment and shared that it wasn’t something obscene. According to her:

People ask me what was under the kilt when he flashed me, he was well dressed there, I was just shocked that he lifted the kilt, and not a man in underpants.

To be clear, Pamela Anderson’s statement represents a completely different situation than what is played out in the “Home Improvement” clip, and should not lead to apples-to-apples comparisons. She seemed to imply that they were away from others during the day in question, while the video was clearly shot on a set that was presumably filled with crew members besides the cameraman, not to mention the audience in the studio. Thus, Allen lifting his kilt looks more like a joke moment prepared for drums with lapses.

Richardson apparently did not speak directly to Pamela Anderson’s allegations, sharing only what she experienced on home improvement at the time in question. She and Allen seem to have a close and friendly relationship since they portrayed the Taylors. She repeatedly appeared in the series “The Last Survivor” when it was still being broadcast, which further implied a lack of hostility.

After the distribution of an excerpt from the film “Love, Pamela”, Tim Allen released a statement refuting the accusation, which reads:

No, it never happened. I would never do that.

Although she hasn’t been as active in the sitcom world since the closure of Home Improvement in 1999, Richardson has been busy in the world of network television in recent years. Her “Last Survivor” cameo was later followed by roles in “Blind Spot,” “Blacklist,” and “Anatomy of Passion,” not to mention a slew of Hallmark Christmas movies like “The Snow Bride.” The latter starred Katrina Lowe, which allowed for a fun reunion when Richardson appeared in NCIS in 2022.

It’s unclear if anything else will happen with Tim Allen’s accusation, at least without any way to substantiate anyone’s claims. But one can imagine that people will massively buy Pamela Anderson’s new book to see what other shocking statements and stories are being told on its pages. She will definitely talk about her negative feelings towards Pam and Tommy from Hulu, which she claims she still feels sick to think about. The book will be available in stores and online stores on Tuesday, January 31.


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