Patricia Heaton responds (again) after the director explains why Tim Allen is Not in the Light Year


There are a number of reasons why experts might speculate why Pixar’s latest film, Lightyear, struggled to make a success of the weekend box office. Families may want to wait until the animated film appears on Disney+, where they can watch it at their leisure. And some viewers may still have been confused about who Lightyear really was, as the director had to explain why important elements of the Toy Story franchise weren’t part of that story… including original voice actor Tim Allen. Sitcom veteran Patricia Heaton recently made headlines when she complained out loud that Pixar had messed up by not forcing Allen to return to the film. Now that the film has low box office receipts, Heaton is back on social media, telling her followers:

So, the current Buzz Lightyear movie is an origin story, but the reason the character has become so beloved is because he created @ofctimallen. Why remove one element that makes us want to see it?#stupidHollywooddecisions June 2022

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This was posted on Twitter in response to Patricia Heaton’s question why Chris Evans is voicing Buzz Lightyear in the new movie “Lightyear”, and not the star of “Home Improvement” Tim Allen, as the actor has been doing for decades. As we pointed out in our Lightyear review, the film is successful because it found a clever way to penetrate the mythology of Toy Story by providing Pixar fans with a movie that young Andy watched as a child, and which made him want to buy a Buzz Lightyear toy in the first season. place. Essentially, this is Pixar’s excuse for creating its own sci-fi adventure movie with an ending that creates potential sequels. Judging by the screening of the film to the audience, such sequels are unlikely.

Patricia Heaton is not alone in this confusion. Tim Allen was synonymous with Buzz Lightyear to the point that “Lightyear” star Chris Evans talked about the importance of making the “To Infinity and Beyond” line fair because of how famous Allen made it. That line is certainly one of Buzz Lightyear’s best moments in the Toy Story franchise, so the new movie had to explain why it mattered. We certainly made a big deal when he finally appeared in the Lightyear trailer.

But Heaton should understand that Lightyear was trying to do something different, and not just release another Toy Story movie…especially after “Toy Story 4” didn’t catch many viewers. No offense, Forks, but Toy Story had the perfect trilogy, and the expansion of the story—even in Lightyear—doesn’t seem to appeal to fans. Or maybe moviegoers will just prefer to see dinosaurs in 3D or Tom Cruise reviving his classic “Best Shooter” character in an exciting sequel.

Let’s see what else Patricia Heaton has to say about Tim Allen, who is not in Lightyear, as the summer movie season continues. In the meantime, make sure your Disney+ subscription is up to date so you can watch (or review) Lightyear as soon as it appears on the streaming service.