Patreon Has No App Store Deal To Avoid Ffees


Patreon CEO Jack Conte gave an interview to The Verge website and confirmed that the platform has no agreements with the App Store to avoid fees. Controversial, the topic refers to the payment of the 30% fee for the Apple store, imposed on all applications that use the company’s internal purchase system.

Interestingly, the platform uses this system and, according to its CEO, is subject to the same rules imposed on other applications, but it is not taxed by Apple. Conte suggests that Patreon for iOS may use its own payment format because of its usage and discovery flow, which mostly takes place outside the social network.

He ponders: “A lot of the real engagement is happening on other platforms… So it’s not the core behavior that’s happening on Patreon,” he says. However, as The Verge website points out, the situation is contradictory, especially when considering the case of the Fanhouse app.

Similar to Patreon’s proposal, Fanhouse allows fans to support their favorite content creators with donations and, in return, receive exclusive creations. Apple determined that its internal payments system must be implemented or the platform app for iOS would be deleted from the App Store. However, after protests, Apple allegedly extended that deadline to the end of this year.

It is noteworthy that the App Store guidelines allow applications to support donations among their users, however, under the following main conditions: payment must be voluntary and received in full by the recipient.

In addition, there is also a term that defines that donations cannot be associated with a reward for digital goods or services of any kind — as with Patreon, which not only offers this benefit but also appropriates part of the monthly payments. Apple has yet to comment on the case.