Path Of Exile: How to Get More Sulfite


Action role-playing games contain a lot of collectible resources that will help players in their mission to look for better equipment and kill larger animals. Whatever form these resources take, the goal is always the same: to help the character gain strength by any means.

In Path of Exile, one of the most popular resources is voltax sulfite. Sulfite is used for digging, allowing the user to travel to unexplored checkpoints around the Axorite mine. The mine itself can be a reliable source of Axorite if the player knows where and how to look. Here’s everything a player needs to know about finding Voltaxic Sulfite.

Understanding sulfite deposits

To collect more sulfite, the player must stumble upon deposits of sulfite in the dungeons. Like trapping animals, this process is more complicated than it seems, since there are many factors affecting the amount of sulfite found. The amount of sulfite is affected by the level of the area, as well as any corresponding quantitative bonuses, for example, provided by the skills of the Atlas region. In general, the Atlas region is the best place to grow sulfite.

Regardless of whether you are working alone or playing with others, it is usually wise to turn to the Atlas region when the supply of voltax sulfite begins to deplete. Fortunately, the need for sulfite does not pose a serious obstacle for the player in the late game due to the combination of large deposit sizes and increased storage capacity for the found sulfite.

Mining with Niko the Mad

Fortunately, mining happens by itself as soon as the player finds the Sulfite. Niko the Mad will appear in this area and begin the mining process, placing all the extracted sulfite directly into the player’s inventory. At least, thanks to the convenient intervention of Niko, it will be difficult for players to spoil their own passage.

Niko will also appear in a random part of the map (marked with a gear) once a day. If the player has already unlocked this area, entering there guarantees that the player will receive sulfite from the nearest deposits.

Using Scarabs

In addition to the passive bonuses provided by bonuses for the level and amount of area, the player can use sulfite scarabs to increase the output of sulfite from each deposit on the maps. Scarabs can either be bought or looted as soon as the player has a camera in the “Intervention” branch in the shelter rewards.

Scarabs give bonuses in increments of 20%. The best of them (the Winged sulfite Scarab) increases the production of sulfite by 100%. Even without the winged version, the use of lower-level sulfite scarabs can significantly increase yields over time, so they play a crucial role in mining. Regardless of whether the player needs to trade, beg, borrow or steal to get scarabs, it’s worth it.

Storage of sulfite

An important part of getting more sulfite is having the storage needed to store it all. It is not difficult to increase the size of your sulfite storage, and thus the player makes his digging more efficient, able to pull more and more sulfite out of the mine and stay in the mine longer.

The player can use azurite in a voltactic generator to increase the storage capacity of sulfite. Using this method, the player will be instantly overwhelmed with resources, which is always important in games like Path of Exile.