Path of Exile: check out the main news from Atlas Echoes


During a live held by developer Grinding Gear Games this Thursday (8), the massive expansion Ecos do Atlas, from Path of Exile, gained its first details, revealing a gigantic endgame content for players and a new Challenge League focused on the combat.

In the Path of Exile update, players will be tested by the sovereign entity Maven, the final boss of Atlas. To confront it, it will be necessary to go on a long journey against countless bosses, with a progressive difficulty that will lead the participant of the challenge to face up to ten simultaneous bosses, thus gaining the dignity to declare combat against Maven.

Among the main rewards obtained the powerful boss is the Maven Orb, which allows the random improvement of an item chosen by the user, taking the object to a high tier regardless of which tier scale the item is. In addition, new Atlas Passive Skill Trees are enabled, allowing players to invest points in a specific type of activity – such as Heist or Harvest, who return in this expansion – generating different advantages according to their choice.

Atlas Echoes adds three new types of Forging Sentry Stones, significantly better than normal Sentry Stones and capable of enhancing the personal Atlas according to the build desired by the player. The artifacts have unlimited uses and increase the drop rate of certain items on the maps.

In addition to endgame content, the expansion brings a new Challenge League, the Ritual, where it will be possible to face enemy waves around altars in progressively more difficult areas. Killing enemies generates Tributes, a kind of “currency” in the game system that can be exchanged for better and better rewards.

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Path of Exile is available for PS4, Xbox One and PC.


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