Patents Revealed That Samsung Will Change Application Management

South Korean technology giant Samsung, which continues to work to improve the user experience, has appeared with a new patent this time. In the patent that was approved today, it has been seen that application management buttons on computers can also come to mobile devices.

The concept of multitasking on smartphones and tablets is improving day by day. Many smartphones and tablets available on the market today allow their users to use more than one application at the same time, but there is no limit to technological developments as well.

Samsung has been able to take the multitasking concept to the next level in recent years. Especially with the release of One UI, Samsung devices have become much better and the user experience has been taken to a higher level. The company’s last emerging patent shows that Samsung will offer even more.

Samsung’s patent to change application management:
Samsung’s emerging patent will undoubtedly give a separate dimension to application management on smartphones and tablets. According to the images in the new patent, applications will now have the options of opening, closing, and minimizing the options offered by the operating systems on our computers today.

The images in the patent show a new user interface with rounded corners to be found on the smartphone or tablets. Samsung filed this patent on October 16, 2017. The patent has been approved today by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

According to the patent, Samsung will add three separate buttons to the applications. These buttons will provide useful features such as on / off, full-screen / full-screen exit, and minimization, just like applications on computers. This device, which is included in the patent and shows the buttons, is, in our guess, a tablet.

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It is quite possible to place the buttons seen in Samsung’s patent in the user interface of the devices with large screens. Likewise, these buttons can come to these devices as they will offer a new and fast use on smart phones. Of course, since this is a patent, it is possible that this feature will never come.



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