A Patent Reveals That Apple Will Use Titanium In The Future


Apple will include titanium in its products in the future, according to a patent that emerged at the U.S. United States Patent and Trademark Office. Of course, since this is a patent, we can also see that Apple never uses titanium.

Apple has always followed an understanding that brings together quality and design in its laptops, smartphones and all other products it has released to date. The company used aluminum in almost every product to offer it to its users. Apparently, however, Apple will have a stronger material in its products in the future, instead of the aluminum it currently uses.

In several Apple patents that have appeared recently, we have seen that the company is working on different materials. Among these materials was a woven fabric with metal thread. Another patent that emerged today indicates that Apple will use titanium.

Apple has found the way to create a matte finish on titanium:
Apple has found a way to create a matte finish on titanium surfaces, according to a patent that emerged at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The information contained in the patent provides information on the storage of electronic devices with a titanium surface with a textured surface.

From the expression ‘electronic devices’ in the information contained in the patent, we can of course guess what the mentioned devices are. It seems that Apple will start using titanium in its future iMac, iMac Pro, iPad, iPhone, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, and even Apple Watch.

The durability and hardness of these products will also increase with the use of titanium in all of Apple’s products and other possible products to be released in the future. In this way, the electronic components inside the devices will be protected much better.

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In addition to all these advantages, the company’s use of titanium instead of aluminum in these products will increase the production costs of the products. So we can see that not only all of Apple’s products are made of titanium, but only the highest level. Of course, since the document we see is a patent, we can expect the company to never include titanium.


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