Patent of new PS5 model revealed: Note system coming


The new generation consoles, which were delayed due to the pandemic process and encountered with some problems, were criticized by users. The website ScrubWiki leaked Sony’s patent for the new PS5.

Patent of new PS5 model revealed: Note system coming

Sony, which started working on the new model considering the feedback of the users, came up with a new patent. The new patent leaked by the ScrubWiki website will allow users to leave a voice and a written note to someone in the game.

Users may experience communication problems with some games. Aiming to increase communication between users with its patent, Sony will allow users to inform their teammates in games that are not allowed to be paused.

Thanks to the patent, which has similar features to the in-game message system in Super Mario Maker 2, users will be able to add notes that can be opened and closed in the game as a pop-up.

The new system, developed using a virtual coordinate system, is defined as a method for managing user-created game recommendations.


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