Patent indicates that Pixel Watch can be used without touching the screen


Google applied for a patent on a smartwatch that would use physical gesture commands. Although it appeared on the web now, the document was registered in January of this year by the United States Patent Office (USPTO), and suggests that these features could be exclusive to the long-awaited Pixel Watch or part of WearOS, the giant’s wearable operating system.

According to the description of the project, the technology would have an optical sensor installed in the body of the smart watch. It would be able to detect movements of the user’s arms, wrist, hand and fingers.

Alongside this, there would be an algorithm to associate each gesture with a specific command and prevent accidental actions from being triggered. Therefore, the technology would be similar to Motion Sense, used in the Pixel 4 series of phones.

Although the practical application of the concept has not been indicated, it is assumed that it could allow, for example, the control of streaming music apps, call rejection, alarm shutdown, facial recognition, among others.

The launch of a Pixel Watch has been circulating on the internet since 2019, especially after Alphabet, owner of Google, bought Fossil and Fitbit, companies specialized in wearables. However, we are close to the middle of 2020 and the model has not been announced nor is there a forecast if this will happen later this year.


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