Patent file gives new details about Huawei Mate X2


The Huawei Mate X2 does not look like it will be released anytime soon. However, this does not mean that Huawei is not working on its new foldable phone. The final sign of the work in question was seen in a new patent application filed with the China National Intellectual Property Office (CNIPA). In this application, the model number of the Mate X2 is also revealed.

It is possible to see more details about the design of the Mate X2 in the new patent file. On the outside of the screen that is folded inwards, there is a hole where the front camera can be placed. There is also a rectangular camera module on the back of the smartphone. The top sensor here seems likely to be a periscope lens.

According to the latest rumors, the Mate X2 has an uninterrupted 8.03-inch main screen. The size of the outer screen panel is 4.5 inches. The Mate X2 is reminiscent of the Galaxy Z Fold 2, recently released by Samsung. The fingerprint scanner of the phone is also expected to be placed aside.

It is stated that the Mate X2 can gain an advantage over its rival foldable phones with its hinge mechanism. There is no opening in this mechanism when the phone is completely off. However, there is also talk about the possibility of the phone with a completely different design.

The TET-AN00 model number of the Mate X2 can also be seen in the patent file. This model number has been verified by the famous sensor Digital Chat Station. Huawei Mate X2 will most likely meet users with the Kirin 9000 processor.

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