Patent application for a rugged charging cable from Apple


Apple’s charging cables are getting rave reviews from various users for durability. It usually wears out after a year or two and can even fail to the point that it won’t charge your device at all. But it seems Apple is working on some ideas to make its cables more durable. We understand this from the patent application titled “Variable Stiffness Cable”.

AppleInsider first pointed out, the patent details some different ideas for a cable that won’t wear out easily. Different parts of the cable are given varying levels of stiffness while the methods keep the cable at uniform thickness. In this way, a part of Apple’s existing cables and called “strain relief handle” is also removed.

The strain relief handle helps prevent the cable from breaking due to bends. Generally, the handle helps as the cables bend sharply near the ends to attach them. Apple’s ideas in this patent change the flexibility and rigidity of an entire cable. This provides better protection against wear, theoretically, wherever you bend regularly, all without increasing the thickness. Thus, there is no longer a need for strain relief handles.

This is currently just a patent application and there is no guarantee that Apple will use this design in future cables. However, the fact that Apple filed this patent application is a good sign that it also takes into account the issue of cable durability. We hope to see some improvements for this in the future.


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