Password security warning on Chrome Android and iOS


Google has taken a new step to improve the security and usefulness of Chrome Android and iOS apps. From now on, users will be warned to change their passwords that may have been compromised by others on mobile versions of the internet browser.

Chrome’s mobile applications will not only warn you about password change. Users will be directed to the password change page of the site or service whichever site or service their passwords are compromised.

To check which passwords may have been compromised, Chrome will send these passwords to Google in a special form of encryption. Thanks to this encryption form, Google will be prevented from learning usernames and passwords.

google chrome android

The Security Check feature is coming to the mobile version of Chrome. With this tool, users will be able to manually check whether their passwords have been compromised. It can also be checked here whether Safe Browsing is active and whether the version of Chrome has the latest security protections.

google chrome ios

On the iOS side, users will be given the opportunity to automatically fill in the saved login details. In addition, passwords will be autofilled with Face ID or Touch ID before they are automatically filled.

A feature called Extended Safe Browsing will be added to the Chrome Android application. This feature will proactively protect users against malware, phishing attacks and dangerous websites. According to the information given by Google, users who activate this feature on the desktop have reduced their exposure to phishing attacks by 20 percent. It is worth noting that users will share more real-time data with Google because of this feature.

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