Password alert for users of Slack Android app


An important warning was made from the company for those who use the Slack Android application. In the e-mail sent to the users, it was stated that the application kept user information in plain text between December 21 and January 21. This means, theoretically, that other applications on the phone can access this information.

In the e-mail sent to users from Slack, it was suggested to download the latest version of the application from Play Store and then change the password. The e-mail sent by Slack also provides a link to help users quickly change their password. Apart from that, it is also possible to reset the password from the desktop using Slack’s commands.

Those who want to change the password from the desktop must first log into the service via Then click on the user picture in the upper right corner and go to “View Profile” option. From here, you can go to the account settings via the “More” button. Password change is made on the screen in question. There is no such opportunity for companies using the Single Sign-On system.

It is beneficial for those who use the Slack Android application to change their password on platforms where they prefer the same passwords as Slack.


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