Passion of the Christ: Mel Gibson is working in sequence


After 16 years of the premiere of Paixão de Cristo, the rumors of a sequel have grown again. According to the ScreenCrush website, director and screenwriter Mel Gibson is already working on The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection, whose story would take place three days after the first, according to Judeo-Christian belief.

The information was confirmed by Jim Caviezel, responsible for playing Jesus in the film. The actor stated to the website that “Mel Gibson just sent me the third draft, the third draft [of the script]. Is coming. It is called The Passion of Christ: Resurrection. It will be the greatest film in world history ”.

Since the release of Passion of the Christ, Gibson has planned this sequel. The film was already expected, mainly due to the box office success at the time. Financed by independent producer Icon Productions – founded by the actor himself in 1989 – the film cost approximately US $ 30 million and had a turnover of more than US $ 600 million.

Adjusted for inflation, this is currently the 69th largest box office in history. It is also the biggest commercial success of Mel Gibson’s career as a director, which also features O Homem faceless (1993), Coração Valente (1995), Apocalypto (2006) and Till the Last Man (2016).


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