Passing WhatsApp Chats to A New Phone Number Will Be Possible


WhatsApp: We have managed to prevent us from losing the WhatsApp conversations we have with our contacts by changing our mobile phone, something that can be done with a simple backup uploaded to the cloud. But the problem is when you change from an Android mobile to an iPhone, or vice versa, since this is impossible.

Luckily, we know that Facebook is working on a tool that will allow you to migrate the conversation history between Android and iOS devices. But what if it’s the phone number?

Transfer WhatsApp chats to a new number

Changing your phone number is basically death for your WhatsApp, because you have to create a new account based on your new number. But that seems to be ending soon too, because according to the experts at WABetaInfo, the tool that will allow you to migrate your chats from Android to iOS or vice versa, will implement a function that will give you the option to transfer the history to another number telephone.

In this case, you will be able to recover your conversations and multimedia documents even if you change your number. The novelty has appeared in the migration work from iOS to Android. In addition, and according to the screenshot that the aforementioned portal has shared, the transfer cannot be made at any time, but only when an Android mobile has been linked to the account.

Migrate conversations

According to the captures:

– You will not be able to pass your chat history at any time: You will only be able to start this process when you link a new Android phone to your WhatsApp account.

– The multimedia contents will also be transferred to the Android device: You will find your chat history and all the multimedia files – photos, videos, GIFs, documents – that you had in the conversation.

– You can transfer your chat history to a different phone number: This is very useful when you change your device and phone number, so the process to change your phone number will start automatically before you start migrating your chat history. chat.

This function is in development in WhatsApp for Android and iOS, and will be available in a future update, but for now it will be time to wait. But it is undoubtedly good news in those cases in which we either resign, or they force us to renounce our lifetime number because we cannot take it to a new company, or because for whatever reason we must cancel it.


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