Passenger Hyperloop makes 1st trip with success


Virgin Hyperloop, a company that develops a transport system through tubes that house capsules capable of traveling at high speeds, carried out this Sunday (8) the first manned test of this form of locomotion.

The test was carried out on a 500-meter runway built in the Nevada desert in the United States and was recorded in a video released by the company.

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In all, the passengers reached a speed of 172 km / h – and said that the sensation is similar to that of accelerating in a race car, without great discomfort. The two wore headphones, special seat belts and The volunteers who participated in the trip were the company’s co-founder, Josh Giegel, and the passenger experience director, Sara Luchian

The capsule used for the test is XP-2, a new version of the vehicle previously used in tests without human crew. The idea is to transport up to 28 people at once from the system, which uses electric propulsion and magnetic levitation in a vacuum environment.

According to Giegel, Hyperloop can reach much faster speeds and still be considered safe, but the first manned test also served to provide security to potential investors and also to the organs of the United States government, which must authorize any construction and contracts established in the country. .

Virgin Hyperloop is not the only company operating in the field and with advanced tests: rival HyperloopTT even promised to promise projects in the sector for Brazilian cities.



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