Passage of Resident Evil Village: Part Two – Dimitrescu Castle


After exploring the village and solving several puzzles, Resident Evil Village begins the most difficult challenge in the entire game. The puzzles are only somewhat difficult, but given that Ethan is being chased by a bloodthirsty family, gamers have only a limited time to solve them. After that, fight the boss when the players didn’t have the time or money to buy elite weapons yet, and this could lead to disaster.

Gamers who want to go through the story of Resident Evil Village should start here. This guide is intended solely for going through the main plot; Finalizers who are looking for all the secrets and collectibles will want to explore each area a bit.

For gamers who haven’t gotten to this area yet, consider starting with a step-by-step guide for the last section.

Entrance to the castle

Climb the three steps to the mural and go through the door on the left.

Go down the stairs and enter the door right in front of them.

Go right and into the large foyer. On the left, find what appears to be an entrance door and interact with it.

This triggers a cut scene that transports Ethan to another room.

Take the balm on the table next to the decorative plate.

Turn around and exit the white and gold doors.

What appears to be a closed fireplace is actually a secret tunnel. Crawl inside and go forward on the only way.

In the end, the way is blocked by stone carving. Remove the burgundy eye ring from your finger. Open the “Key Items” menu and inspect the ring. When they face the ring to “look” directly at Ethan, players will be prompted to remove the Maroon Eye from the ring. Do this. Meanwhile, the statue will turn around and allow Ethan to go out into the corridor.

Go past the carving and go left, through the double doors. This brings Ethan back to the foyer from the past.

This time, go up the main staircase on the left and enter a room with an ornate chandelier.

Immediately turn right and open the door next to the lit candles. However, do not enter this door yet.

Turn around and climb the stairs to face Ethan.

At the top, Ethan will be in front of the door. Instead of going through it, look to the right and find a corridor covered with curtains. Instead, come here.

Follow the corridor, it turns right. On the left side, find another carving on the wall, this time made of wood. Please note that the frightened person has no eye. Use the Burgundy Eye in the inventory and place it in the sculpture. This turns her into a door that Ethan can now walk through. This will cause another cut scene.

Victory over Dimistrescu’s daughters

This is the beginning of the part of the game where Ethan must defeat all three daughters in order to pass on. From the video, walk down the corridor to a wooden door with a golden emblem. Instead of going through this door, turn left, then find a white door on the left side to pass through.

This room has a wooden barrier blocking the corridor at the back. Smash it and come in.

There’s only one way forward, and he’s punching through a few more wooden planks.

Keep going until you reach what appears to be a dead end. Duck down, look to the left and find a hole in the bricks through which you can crawl.

Fortunately, Lady Dimitrescu leaves the room before she notices Ethan. Look to the right of the exit she is going through and notice another tunnel. Go there.

It ends up in the puzzle room. Here, shoot from a lighted brazier towards two racks with unlit coals. When both are lit, a hidden exit appears in the room.

The next room is a basement, which also serves as a prison, and there are enemies in it, so be ready to shoot. Noticing a broken trolley, enter the prison door on the left right in front of it to bypass the debris blocking the way.

Press against the wall on the right and eventually notice a soft light after turning the corner. Follow him and climb the stairs to the top.

Avoid the gate in front of Ethan and walk down the corridor on the right side next to them.


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