Passage of Resident Evil 4 Remake by Savage Mutt


Savage Mutt is a request that can be obtained by exploring a village in Resident Evil 4 Remake. This is a great way to earn a large number of spinels, but it is one of the most difficult queries in the game.

If you feel brave enough to hunt down a Wild Mutt, just open the map and look around at the area of the village chief’s Estate. Here you solved the combination lock a few chapters ago. You will see a marker of your goal, so start your journey.

Now that you’re in the right place, here’s how to find and defeat the Savage Mutt enemy in Resident Evil 4 Remake and what you’ll get for it.

Where to Find a Wild Mutt in Resident Evil 4 Remake

First of all, go to the village chief’s estate. Here you were initially attacked by Mendes before being rescued by Ada Wong. Oddly enough, there isn’t really a Wild Mutt here, but now that you have Ashley, you’ll be able to explore a new area inside the estate. Go upstairs and on the left side of the bed. You can reinforce Ashley here to get into the attic.

In the attic, take your time to explore and read notes. You will find an antique camera and even a clockwork castellan. As soon as you finish studying this section, go back outside. A wild mutt will be at the gate and will bark. Go to the gate and open it, after which your target will escape back to the village. Get ready for battle when you return to the village, as this is where you will be fighting a Wild Mutt.

How to Defeat a Wild Mutt in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Now about the battle with the Wild Mutt. This is an enhanced version of the dogs you have already fought, with a large reserve of health and massive antennae that you can beat and cut. The way to get here is to shoot the beast until it falls off its feet, and then throw grenades at it. There are villagers in this area too, so take care of them and get rid of the Wild Mutt quickly.

It is also recommended to bring stun grenades into this fight, as they can be used to quickly stop the villagers from approaching you while you figure out your goal. Make sure you have knives, as Savage Mutt will pounce on you, knocking you down and activating the knife counter. If you have a stingray, take a few shots while the mutt is stunned to cause huge damage.

Once the battle is over and the Wild Mutt is defeated, return to the Merchant to earn 8 spinels. They can be used in the “Trade” menu to get exclusive items, such as new cases.

So, here’s how to complete the Wild Mutt quest in Resident Evil 4 Remake. To get more help in the game, here’s how to unlock the various road shrines that can be found throughout the village.

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