Partisans 1941: Analysis Pc. Real-time tactical strategy


We analyze Partisans 1941, a good real-time tactical strategy game that follows the path of the Commandos formula by introducing several new features.

When one approaches Partisans 1941 for the first time, it is inevitable that it evokes one of the iconic classics of homeland soft, the great Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines that Pyro Studios released in the distant 1998. And although the similarities are there And they are not few, this successful war title with a tactical approach and isometric perspective by the small Russian studio Alter Games tries to find its own personality and offer a differentiating proposal. To do this, add to the mix small doses of role in the form of a progression tree for our partisans, light management elements when organizing our clandestine camp, and a coverage system similar to that of the XCOM saga during battles, among other elements that seek to give a differentiating touch to the title. And although in general we liked it, certain imperfections and irregularities make it far from recent titles with a similar proposal such as Desperados III or Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, games much rounder than this Partisans 1941.

Thus, we are before a good war game of tactical strategy in real time, where we will manage a small group of partisans in missions where stealth and infiltration prevail, having of course also room for direct confrontation in battles where we must make decisions. adequate and effectively manage our combatants to come out of the fight with flying colors. The study behind the game is made up of several veterans of the sector with experience behind them in titles such as Heroes of Might and Magic, King’s Bounty or Blitzkrieg among others, and the truth is that their proposal has made us enjoy, although it is true that you have several edges to be polished.

The Soviet perspective

We are used to reliving the events that occurred during the Second World War both in film and video games. What is so usual to us is that the perspective from which the bloody events are narrated is not the usual one for the Americans or the European allies. Being a title made by a Soviet study, they have decided to put us in the shoes of the Russian resistance in full German occupation, which will be one of the differentiating elements of the title proposal.

Our protagonist will be Commander Alexey Zorin, who after miraculously fleeing at the last moment when he was going to be executed decides to mount a clandestine revolution to stand up to the German occupation forces that are ravaging his country. Throughout the adventure, he will recruit a series of companions who will join his fight, whose motivations and reasons for engaging in the conflict will be narrated in small sequences and conversations at the campfire in our camp. Without having too much weight in the development of the game, it is appreciated that this at least worries about telling a brief story for each character and worries about being something more than a mere excuse to launch us on arduous infiltration and stealth missions.

The plot of the game takes place over 20 missions where we contemplate the evolution of the conflict in Soviet territory. Depending on our expertise (and the difficulty mode selected), we have 20 to 30 hours of play, and we may even want to try out a mission using a different approach than we did the first time. Fortunately, all the texts in the game have a correct translation into Spanish, so it is accessible if we do not speak other languages.


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