Parler sues Amazon for ‘millionaire damage’ for breach


Parler, the social network, dropped its first lawsuit against Amazon for ending support for the platform’s server, but filed a new lawsuit against the giant, which is responsible for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) storage service.

According to the new lawsuit, registered in Washington, Parler’s image was tarnished and lost market value when Amazon suddenly terminated its contract. In addition, AWS did not guarantee a period of 30 days for a new hosting service to be sought, preventing the service from going down.

To The Verge, a spokesman for Amazon assured that the company had sufficient reason to immediately terminate the contract, which was executed on January 11 this year. The reason was the use of the platform as a space for hate speech and encouragement of violence – including the organization and dissemination of protests such as the invasion of the Capitol, which took place on January 6, 2021.

The United States court had previously denied Parler’s first judicial request for reinstatement. The process can be read in its entirety through this link.

Remember the case

Parler is a social network focused on ensuring users’ freedom of expression. Since the start of operations, it has mainly attracted conservative communities that have been undermined or underrepresented on other platforms. Currently, after a month offline, it has returned to the air still with limited capacities, now with an alternative server.


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