Parler returns to the air, but still without apps


The Parler online platform, which was removed from app stores and went offline days after the extremist invasion of the United States Capitol, is slowly resuming operations.

After returning to the air with a message from the CEO on the home page, Parler resumed posting. In addition to a new message from John Matze, the page now also records messages from Dan Bongino, an influential figure in the American conservative milieu, and Amy Peikoff, director of policies for using the platform.

“Our return is inevitable thanks to hard work and persistence against all bets. Despite threats and abuses, no Parler employee resigned. We are getting closer and strengthening as a team,” says Matze.

Who hosts Parler now?

According to the Reuters news agency, after Amazon canceled the server hosting contract with Parler and was sued in response, the network went back online under new operations.

The responsible now is DDos-Guard, a company controlled by two owners of Russian origin and focused on digital security. The company has been allied with other platforms accused of hosting hate speech. In addition, as revealed earlier this week, the domain would be under the command of Epik, a company that sells navigation addresses and is also responsible for registering Gab, another social network aimed at the conservative public.

Those new to hosting Parler will still have work to do. For now, it is not possible to post messages or view discussions – the page remains blocked due to “technical difficulties” and has even been the target of theft of user data. In addition, the app remains outside the App Store and Google Play Store, with both responsible companies claiming that the app will remain banned as long as the stores’ terms of use are disregarded and no moderation is applied.


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