Parler files lawsuit against Amazon to return to air


Last Monday (12), Parler retaliated against Amazon’s decisions with a lawsuit alleging “breach of antitrust laws”. Off the air since the beginning of the week, Parler continues to search for new hosting services – whose providers refuse to provide service to the company -, while continuing to be removed from the Google Play Store and App Store app stores for encouraging violence.

Parler has become a venue for President Donald Trump’s extremist and supremacist base since its launch, receiving exponential relevance after being banned from Twitter, being publicized as an alternative to the social network. Naturally, the platform started to be filled with violent and criminal content, violating terms of Amazon Web Services, culminating in the suspension of support of the hosting service.

The alternative social network looked for alternatives; however, it claims that no other service provider accepts any kind of agreement. In a more desperate move, Parler has appealed to judges and demands reinstatement with the AWS service for “breaking antitrust laws”. “AWS ‘decision to suspend Parler’s account is apparently motivated by political bias.”

“Apparently, the action also seeks to reduce competition in the microblogging market for the benefit of Twitter.”, He added.

Parler violated hosting terms of use

In response, AWS countered that “it serves customers across the political spectrum and respects Parler’s right to determine what content it will allow within the platform”. However, the provider points out again that there is a significant amount of violent content on the social network and there are no means for the network administration to promptly act against the dissemination of these publications, configuring a violation in the terms of use of the hosting service.

“We have shown concern for Parler for weeks and during that time we have seen significant growth in this type of dangerous content, not a decrease,” added Amazon.

If the lawsuit implies Parler’s return to hosting Amazon Web Services, only his web version would be available for full access, as the app remains blocked on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and there is no provision for an end to the suspension.

To check the complete lawsuit, simply access the Court Listener website.


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