Parler becomes available again after bans on the App Store


The social network Parler finally became available again, after about a month off the air. The return of the platform comes after the company announces a replacement for John Matze, who temporarily takes over as CEO of the company.

As a reminder, the social network found itself at the center of a tornado after the violent attacks on the United States Capitol last month. After it was found that some of the extremists present in the invasion were frequenters of the platform, Parler began to suffer several blockades from other companies.

Apple and Google, for example, banned the social media app from their official stores, the App Store and the Play Store, respectively. In addition, Amazon Web Services has also done the same with hosting the platform’s official website. The three companies gave the same justification: the inertia of the developers to moderate the content published in Parler and avoid publications with incitement to violence.

As a result, the platform was not operating during this entire period and, now, can only return to normal services after obtaining the support of a new hosting service, Epik – which also offers operations for other applications considered to be extreme right, the Gab and 8chan.

In addition, Parler has also announced who will be its new CEO, replacing John Matze. The social network has announced that Mark Meckler will be the company’s interim executive director. Meckler is known for being the founder of the Tea Party Patriots, a far-right political group. John Matze, who is the co-founder of Parler, was fired in early February by the company’s board of directors.

Change in look

With the return to the internet, Parler also inaugurates a new visual identity. The company gave up the traditional logo with the letter P to give way to a new shape, which is a kind of flower. The name of the social network appears to the right of the logo, with stylized fonts.

So far, however, despite receiving a new hosting service, there is no information about a possible return to the mobile app stores, the App Store and the Play Store.

It is also important to note that for the time being the social network does not accept new users and only old ones are allowed to return to the platform.