Parks and recreation areas: the best roles of actors in movies


As one of the many popular streaming shows on Peacock, “Parks and Recreation” has always been a comforting show that fans have returned to, mainly because there are a lot of heartfelt and humorous characters in this series.

Basically, all the actors of the series starred in the most memorable films and television series. They may have become famous for their comical roles in Parks and recreation areas, but these actors have proven to have a wide range and appeal in their other roles as well. What is the best film of each of the main players?

Amy Poehler – Mean Girls (2004)

Amy Poehler has played several funny and popular characters over her career, but before she became the optimistic Leslie Knope, fans knew her as Regina’s mom from Mean Girls.

Amy Poehler’s character in this teen movie didn’t get much screen time, but she managed to make her image memorable and fun. No one else could have played the role of June George. Amy embodied the perfect “cool mom”, so fans of the film quote her all the time.

Aubrey Plaza – Safety is Not Guaranteed (2012)

Aubrey Plaza played a lot of dynamic and humorous characters, fans liked her appearance in Scott Pilgrim VS. The World and the holiday movie The happiest time.

However, in this sci-fi comedy, Aubrey plays Darius Britt, an intern who goes in search of a man who wants to return to the past. All the characters in this movie are unusual and funny, but it’s no secret that her character shines. The image of Aubrey reflects the spiritual side of understanding the protagonist and his journey into the past. “Security is Not Guaranteed” is one of Aubrey’s best films according to Letterboxd.

Rashida Jones – Social Network (2010)

Rashida Jones plays a minor role in this award-winning film, but her performance deserves attention based only on her expressions and emotions. She plays Marilyn Despley, an employee of a law firm defending Mark Zuckerberg.

She managed to portray a more serious character, unlike the cheerful and positive Ann Perkins. She keeps the situation under control in each of her scenes, therefore, even among the star cast performing some award-winning material, she is the one worth watching on the “Social Network”.

Nick Offerman – We are The Millers (2013)

During his role as Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation, Nick Offerman managed to continue his funny streak. In “We are the Millers,” Offerman plays Don Fitzgerald, another van owner and Drug Enforcement Administration agent who accidentally runs into the Miller clan and befriends them.

This character is very different from Ron Swanson, but still outshines everyone with his comical role. Given Ron’s constant stoic and angry behavior, it was fantastic to see Offerman step out of the image he is best known for and turn into something completely unique, but still incredibly funny.

Retta – High School: The Worst Years of My Life (2016)

After “Parks and Recreation”, Retta starred in the popular TV series “Good Girls”, and she had several guest roles and small roles, such as a mother in the comedy “Good Boys”. However, she was able to attract more attention in the role of Ida Stricker, the deputy principal of Hills Village High School.

She is very strict and harsh, but brings a lot of sincere humor to this film, and she is assigned a more dynamic and carefree role. Her character may seem too close for fans who may remember their high school years, but fans will always remember her character from Parks and Recreation, as Donna had some of the most amazing quotes of the series.

Aziz Ansari – Funny People (2009)

In another comedic role, Aziz Ansari plays Randy Springs in the 2009 comedy Funny People. He is a stand-up comedian with wild and crazy stories that capture the audience. The film features an ensemble of funny actors and comedians, as well as another Parks & Rec al graduate, Aubrey Plaza.

This role is a little different from what fans find familiar in Tom Haverford. Although they share a love of material things and wild stories, Tom had some of the best ideas and some of the worst in the series.

Chris Pratt – Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

One of the most famous films that caught Chris Pratt’s attention was Guardians of the Galaxy, one of the best MCU films of all time. It had everything you need for a classic action/science fiction movie with a stellar cast. This Marvel movie turned Chris Pratt from a cute blockhead into an action hero, and his game was so successful that he is now more known as a superhero than a comic actor.

Nevertheless, his role as Andy Dwyer will continue to be loved by fans, and the comedic techniques he demonstrated in Parks & Rec clearly served him well in his career on the big screen.