Parks and Parks Record: Why Eagleton Succeeded (and Pawnee Didn’t)


Parks and recreation areas took viewers to the fictional town of Pawnee in Indiana, which for a long time competed with its neighboring town of Eagleton, but why did Eagleton succeed and Pawnee did not? The premiere of the series “Parks and Recreation”, created by Greg Daniels and Michael Schur, took place on NBC in 2009, and although the first season was not the best, the writers quickly found the right tone for the series, and subsequent seasons were successful, turning “Parks and Recreation” into one of the best TV shows decades.

As mentioned above, Parks and Recreation takes place in Pawnee, Indiana, and is led by Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler), always an optimistic and cheerful bureaucrat. Through her, the audience got to know some of the people closest to her, as well as all her colleagues and friends, such as Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman), April Ludgate (Aubrey Plaza) and Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari). Leslie was passionate and ambitious, but at the same time very caring with the people closest to her, including her beloved city of Pawnee, which, as she always claimed, was “the greatest city in America,” and because of this, her sworn enemies were the city of Eagleton and all its inhabitants.

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The rivalry between Eagleton and Pawnee dates back to when Pawnee was founded in 1817. Soon after, a group of wealthy and prominent citizens found the Pawnee soil unusable and an unpleasant smell, so they left the city and headed west, where they founded Eagleton. Leslie called Eagleton “the country of rich snobbish jerks,” and the two cities constantly competed in all possible areas, and Eagleton almost always emerged victorious. Because Eagleton is located on top of a hot spring, the city could grow plants that other Indiana cities could not, and, along with being founded and run by wealthy people, led to Eagleton thriving for decades while Pawnee was constantly struggling, but its residents had much more heart.

What happened to Eagleton in Parks and Recreation areas

The residents of Eagleton spent a lot of money to make their city look elegant (and they even had a cupcake factory, thanks to which the city always smelled of vanilla), because of which the Eagletonians developed a superiority complex, and they always looked down on Pawnee and his people, making unnecessary and rude comments about the city and its inhabitants, for example, calling their boogers “Pawnee caviar”. All this also led to the fact that Eagleton accumulated too much debt and was on the verge of a major financial disaster, so Leslie put aside her hatred of Eagleton and, to help the city and Pawnee, offered to merge Pawnee and Eagleton. and although the residents of Eagleton and Pawnee did not fully agree with this idea, it soon proved successful. The Leslie Parks Department welcomed some of the Eagleton employees to one of the most memorable Parks & Recreation moments, as they were opposite and strange (but very funny) mirrors of some of the Pawnee Parks Department’s most famous employees, such as Ron and April.

Is Eagleton based on a real place?

Eagleton from Parks & Recreation, like Pawnee, is a fictional town, but it was inspired by a real one. In an interview with The AV Club in 2011, Michael Schur shared that Eagleton is based in Simsbury, Connecticut, a city next door to his hometown of West Hartford. Schur explained that there were “about 9,000 people in Simsbury” and that they were all “incredibly rich and beautiful,” while West Harford was a “middle- or even upper-middle-class city” with an inferiority complex about Simsbury. . On forums such as Reddit, Parks & Recreation fans pointed out other interesting and funny similarities between Eagleton and Simsbury, Pawnee and West Hartford, for example, concerts are held in West Harford (and other cities) in the summer, usually with small local bands, and in Simsbury went for something more, and once Lynyrd Snynyrd and Willie Nelson played at a concert, which would definitely happen with Eagleton and Pawnee. Eagleton prospered for many years thanks to the rich people in charge of everything, but in the end it only led to more problems, and he had to merge with his worst enemy to save himself.