Parker McKenna Posey: Where’s Kady de Eu, Mistress and Children?


Parker McKenna Posey grew up on camera as the adorable Kady Kyle in Me, The Mistress and The Children. With cameos in series, a line of swimwear called HoneyDip and more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram, the actress continues to be successful today.

#PorOndeAnda: Parker McKenna Posey

The actress made her TV debut at the age of 4 in Me, Mistress and The Children, a series in which she played the youngest of the family, Kady Kyle. The series was canceled after its 5th season, but it was enough time for Posey to stand out and win some nominations for The Young Artist Award (in free translation, The Young Artist Award).

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After the end of the sitcom, the actress made some cameos in other productions, like iCarly and Snowfall. In recent years, Posey has also created its own swimwear line, HoneyDip. According to her, the brand aims to make women feel confident and sexy.

Since 2019, the actress started to be part of more and more projects and was present in the cast of three series: Games People Play, A House Divided and Heaux Phase.

Posey also starred in three films due to be released in the coming months, Conundrum: Secrets Among Friends, We Are Gathered Here Today and This Is Real.

Abusive Relationship

Unfortunately, Parker McKenna Posey also gained space in the media due to his abusive relationship with youtuber Chris Salis. In October 2018, her then fiance was arrested for assaulting Posey, but the attack happened in September. At the time, the police were called to the couple’s home and the actress said she had been assaulted by an unknown woman. Two weeks later, she told the police the real story, and the youtuber was taken to jail. Like many victims of domestic abuse, Posey’s first reaction was to defend his attacker. She later admitted that the assault that led to Salis’s arrest was neither the first nor the second. Particularly for this attack, the trigger was a DM that the actress received on Instagram. Salis says this is not true and that he only defended himself against Posey, who, he said, was out of control.


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