Park Seo Joon’s best kisses in Korean dramas


Park Seo Joon is an expert on romantic dramas and gifted us with some amazing kiss scenes. Although most K-Dramas embody a love story throughout their episodes, some couples manage to captivate us more than others, but having Park Seo Joon as one of the leads ensures that the romance of this drama will feature kissing scenes that we will not forget.

This actor born in Seoul at the end of 1988 has conquered us with his interpretation of different roles, but it is clear to us that in addition to his versatility, he can capture romance very well in Korean dramas.

Therefore, some of the series where Park Seo Joon has participated also showed us romantic scenes that are insurmountable, especially when it comes to this actor’s kisses on camera.

Do you remember any romantic scene of this actor that has captivated you? Here are some of the best kisses that Park Seo Joon has shown in dramas, tell us in the comments which one is your favorite.


This K-Drama gave us incredible moments between Yoon Young and Mi So, but without a doubt the kiss scenes were unforgettable. The chemistry between Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young was reflected in each episode, but there is no doubt that this passionate kiss scene was the favorite of many of their fans.


Hye Jin was part of a love triangle on She Was Pretty. Although her relationship with Sung Joon had some ups and downs, a memorable moment was when she was about to come home for the night, and although Sung Joon offered to drive her home, she preferred to take a taxi. Unexpectedly she returns to find Sung Joon who greets her with a tender kiss.



This story shows us a romance where the age difference might seem like an obstacle at first, but with time that changed. Ba Ji Yeon meets Yoon Dong Ha by chance and they continue to meet, one night she insists that Dong Ha should come home with her, but when she uncovers a drink, the closeness between them becomes minimal. It is then that they share a very romantic kiss, but it is also when she discovers the age difference between them.


Dong Man and Ae Ra have been friends for many years, in addition to those they are neighbors and confidants as they both try to face adult life, however, Dong Man decides to take a step so that their relationship changes and now they share a romance. After Ae Ra runs away from a bad moment, he reaches out to give her the kiss that will change their friendship forever.


The role of Park Seo Joon in Hwarang also gave us a very beautiful kiss scene, Sun Woo and Ah Ro have become close and now he wants to protect her, to show his affection, Sun Woo makes a promise, but also, they seal this according to a walk that leads them to share a very special kiss.



This K-Drama tells the story of Do Hyun, a boy who suffers from multiple personality disorder and, one of his personalities is that of a teenage girl, when this personality takes hold of him, he meets Oh Ri On and begins to call him oppa, but Do Hyun won’t rest until he steals a kiss from him.

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