Park Seo Joon to appear in the drama Record of Youth


Park Seo Joon will make a guest appearance in the drama ‘Record of Youth’, as reported by the Awesome ENT company.

Park Seo Joon is one of the best known faces of Korean dramas, the last series starring the also model was ‘Itaewon Class’, where he gave life to a brave boy who taught his fans the value of family and of the truth.

The handsome actor from the city of Seoul in South Korea is preparing some shocking surprises for all his followers. Yesterday, Awesome ENT agency shared that Park Seo Joon will be making a guest appearance in the drama ‘Record of Youth’.

The agency that leads the artistic career of Seo Joon, highlighted that the MC has already recorded his scenes and that he has a very interesting role in the Korean drama of the tvN network that is currently being broadcast.

Some sources close to the star assured that he was invited to participate in ‘Youth Memories’ by his friend and colleague Park Bo Gum, who is the protagonist of the series and by Ha Myung Hee, in charge of the script of the K-drama, who has he worked as a writer for dramas like ‘Doctors’, ‘High Society’, ‘One Warm World’ and ‘Temperature of Love’.

Park Bo Gum and Park Seo Joon have a very solid friendship, it would not be the first time that both friends have been invited to participate in their respective projects, as Bo Gum had a great cameo in the drama ‘Itaewon Class’, making fans excited from both.

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‘Record of Youth’ tells the story of several people who are immersed in the world of modeling, Sa Hye Joon is an attractive young man who has an important modeling career, his deepest dream is to be an actor, although he has knocked on doors and He is talented, the opportunity he has been waiting for has not presented itself. An Jung Ha, played by Park So Dam, is a skilled makeup artist who will witness Hye Joon’s path to success.

The drama ‘Memories of Youth’ has had an incredible reception, it occupies one of the highest places in the most watched table of contents in South Korea, so the audience is looking forward to Park Seo Joon’s appearance in the K-drama .


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