Park Seo Joon Steals All The Attention At A Soccer Game


Park Seo Joon loves sports and this time he was the focus of attention in a Premier League match. In the Arsenal FC vs Tottenham Hotspur match for the UK Premier League we found a well-known face among the public, it was Park Seo Joon who stole the attention in the football match.

Park Seo Joon is a skilled actor who has impressed us with his talent in front of the cameras in various dramas such as ‘Itaewon Class’ , ‘Mama’ or ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?’ ; as well as in some films of the South Korean cinema among them ‘Dream’ and ‘The Divine Fury’ .

It is well known to Seo Joon’s fans that he enjoys sports , including fencing , horse riding, and aikido ; Being a multidisciplinary athlete and a very talented actor, he enchants with all his skills the public that is increasingly captivated by his skills.

But this South Korean actor is also a fan of watching some sports, he is passionate about the meetings between different teams and he showed it very recently in a football match in the Premier League, the United Kingdom cup where the best clashes in this sport are experienced .


In any football game, we are cameras that capture the public while it is immersed in the confrontation is living in front of his team favorite, so seeing the big picture in the match Arsenal FC vs Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League of England , we find a familiar face; it was about Park Seo Joon .

The actor enjoyed the confrontation supporting Tottenham as the captain of the national football team Korea South , Son Heung Min , this team plays in the Premier League.

The actor is in London with the Cast of ‘The Marvels’ so in his rest time he managed to go see his favorite football character in this match.

Which character will Park Seo Joon play in The Marvels? It will be a new Hulk with amazing powers like the ones we already know from the superhero.


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