Park Seo Joon show how he looked as a kid with this photo


What was Park Seo Joon like as a kid? The actor shares an emotional photo with his fans that made them travel back in time and remember their childhood.

The star of “Itaewon Class” and one of the great friends of BTS Taehyung, enjoys a well-deserved vacation thanks to the celebration of Chuseok, one of the most important Korean traditions, the actor decided to update his social networks and share with his fans a bit of his personal story with a photo as a child.


Through his personal Instagram account, Park Seo Joon decided to share a message for his fans, the idol of K-Dramas wishes everyone a great holiday in Chuseok week, which celebrates the autumn equinox and harvests. obtained in the year, the Korean entertainment industry paused all its activities to take a well-deserved break.

The actor decided to take advantage of his free time to spend it with his family, apparently, he could have traveled to his parents’ house, as he accompanied his message with a photograph of his childhood, his post has already registered more than two million likes and more out of 34 thousand comments, his fans were moved by the memory he shared with them, because he looked adorable.


In the image, the actor appears very smiling, he wears black pants and a striped shirt, his socks are the ones that stood out the most, as they seemed to be purple, but the smile of his miniature version was what caused the love of his followers.

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The idol hasn’t changed much over time, since he was little one of the features that stood out the most were his slanted eyes and his great height. Over the years, he has transformed into an attractive man who has stolen hearts thanks to his performances on Korean series. Currently, Park Seo Joon participated with a cameo for the drama “Record of youth”.

The actor has also used his Instagram account to share photos of his personal life, along with his pet, his trips to the gym, among others.

If you want to know more about the actor, we leave you a list with his best dramas.


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