Park Seo Joon receives a special gift from “Itaewon Class”


Park Seo Joon receives a special gift from “Itaewon Class”. Actor Park Seo Joon has received a very special gift related to the latest drama he has starred in, Itaewon Class .

Itaewon Class screenwriter Kwang Jin, who is also the writer of the webtoon the drama is based on, has sent the actor as a gift a painting of Park Sae Ro Yi, his character in the series.

On March 23, Park Seo Joon shared an image of the painting through his Instagram account. Next to the photograph, he wrote, “Thank you for the painting I asked at the meeting if the drama was successful.”

The painting was painted by the creator of Itaewon Class .

Itaewon Class ended last Saturday and has become South Korea’s sixth-highest-rated cable television drama to date.

Furthermore, actress Kim Da Mi has thanked fans of the drama for their support through social media.

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