Park Seo Joon Has Fun With Simba In Photoshoot


The puppy Simba has won the love of Park Seo Joon’s followers, the actor and his pet have incredible chemistry, the protagonist of ‘Itaewon Class’ took his friend to an important photoshoot.

2020 has been a great year for actor Park Seo Joon, his projects were hugely popular and he became one of the biggest figures in Korean dramas, movies, and television.

The protagonist of the series ‘What happens to Secretary Kim?’ He has a very busy schedule, as he attends interviews, shows, presentations, events and galas that have him up and down.

But when he gets home, the also model, has a partner who helps him forget the stress and pressures of being a star of international fame, Simba is Park Seo Joon’s adorable pet and when he perishes he is his good luck charm luck.

A few days ago, Park Seo Joon had to attend an interesting photoshoot and the actor was accompanied by Simba, the bond between owner and pet was evidenced in an endearing video. Check it out below.


Through his YouTube channel, Park Seo Joon shared a new video more than 13 minutes long, the K-drama actor demonstrated the strong complicity he has with Simba. Woow!

The mascot of the celebrity, originally from the city of Seoul in South Korea, is the Bichon Frize breed, which are dogs that are identified by their sweet character, they are playful, curious, energetic and their appearance is special, because their fur is white as Snow.

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Simba accompanied his owner to a photoshoot, the anecdote was captured in ‘Record PARK’s’. Park Seo Joon’s fluffy little dog was doing mischief, he climbed on the couches, played with the staff and was very attentive to any movement of those present. Owww.

The animal won the hearts of the makeup artists, cameramen and the people who collaborated on the set, Simba was very calm, walking around the place and exploring each of the corners.


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