Park Seo Joon Has A Lovely Cameo On Record Of Youth


The K-drama Memories of Youth, starring Park Bo Gum, featured a brief appearance by actor Park Seo Joon. The K-Dramas that are currently on air have captured our full attention, but without a doubt Record of Youth is one of the most talked about because of its interesting history and the cast that is part of it. Park Seo Joon briefly joined the production and we told you what happened on screen.

The Youth Memories drama introduced us to the story of Hye Joon, a boy who is already a successful model but wants to become an actor. Obstacles get in the way, but little by little you will begin to move forward as you pursue your dreams.

Different stars have been part of this series with some cameos in the episodes, this time it was Park Seo Joon’s turn, what happened in his participation? Read on if you are willing to take a little spoiler from this production.


In the most recent episode of the series, Hye Joon attends the Drama Awards, where he will compete alongside other actors for a special award.

This event brings together many figures of Korean entertainment, including renowned actor Song Min Su, who is played by none other than the talented Park Seo Joon.

In his cameo for the K-Drama, Seo Joon is also in charge of presenting one of the awards that will be presented at the awards ceremony and we see him wearing an elegant 3-piece suit with an impeccable look.

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