Park Ju-hyun Watches Anxiously As Kim Young-dae Faces an Important Decision in the “Forbidden Marriage”.


New footage announcing the final episodes of “Forbidden Marriage” teases viewers with a hint of upcoming tensions.

Based on a web novel, MBC’s “Forbidden Marriage” is a romantic drama starring Kim Yong Dae as King Yi Heon, who falls into deep despair after the death of his wife (played by Kim Min Joo) and eventually bans marriage in his family. Kingdom. Seven years after losing his wife, who was then the Crown Princess, he meets a con artist named So Rang (Park Ju Hyun), who claims that she may be possessed by the spirit of the late princess.


In episode 10, So Rang and Lee Shin Won (Kim Woo Seok) were furious to learn that Ye Hyun Hee (Song Ji Woo) still has a very high chance of being chosen as King Yi Heon’s wife, despite Hwa Yoon (Jo Soo Min) is also selected as a candidate.

In connection with this event, one of the recently released footage shows how So Rang, Yi Heon and Ye Hyun Hee gathered together in the place where the selection is taking place. So Rang entered the palace disguised as Hwa Yoon’s maid, and she and Ye Hyun Hee exchange sharp glances, dressed in the same outfits as for the chosen candidates. Questions will definitely be raised about what So Rang’s plan is now that she has entered the palace, and how exactly she managed to appear as a candidate for selection.

Meanwhile, Yi Heon appeared before the announcement of the selection as dignified and powerful as before. He stands on a platform and sincerely speaks from the bottom of his heart about his struggle for the abolition of the ban on marriage. His words are sure to make an impression, so the audience should be delighted with what he wants to say.

What will So Rang do to prevent Ye Hyun Hee from winning the selection? Or will Ye Hyun-hee be chosen the way So rang’s ex-evil stepmother, Seo Woon-jung (Park Sun-young) intended?

Follow the 11th episode of “Forbidden Marriage”, which will air on January 20 at 21:50 Korean time. kst.


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