Park Hae-soo talks about two roles in “Holy Addicts”, about his acting goal and much more


Park Hae-soo recently graced the October issue of Cosmopolitan with his charismatic photo!

In an accompanying interview, the actor spoke about his unforgettable experience associated with the worldwide success of “The Squid Game”, about his recent role in “Holy Addicts” and about his future goals as an actor.

Park Hae-soo spoke about the unprecedented success of the Squid Game, saying, “It was amazing that foreign fans recognized us. We felt welcome everywhere. I will never forget the experience of traveling the world for a year with my colleagues from Squid Game,” and modestly added: “I am proud to have helped promote Korean content widely.”

When asked about his new role as Choi Chang Ho in Holy Addicts, he compared the film to ttokpokki (Korean spicy rice cakes), saying that it is a mixture of spicy, salty and sweet flavors. He continued: “I played two roles in the film. Choi Chang Ho disguised himself as Gu Sang Man, so I tried to portray the two characters differently. Gu Sang Man is a man who spits when he pleases and walks arrogantly, so I tried to change every little thing, from Choi Chang Ho’s behavior to his way of speaking.”

Delving into his character in the film, he explained that he also discussed this character a lot with the director, saying: “I was trying to find an excuse for (my character) sending a civilian named Kang Ying Gu to the battlefield. I talked to the director for a long time because I thought it was because Choi Chang Ho was an obsessive person, not just because he was a patriot. I was also immersed in changing the general tone and variations of speech that I tried in certain scenes.”

As in one of the photos in which he opened a bottle of champagne, Park Hae-soo was also asked if he felt that he had received attention and love that was worth celebrating, to which the actor replied, “Yes. However, I don’t want to be swept away by this wave of [fame]. I want to follow my own path, swim in the direction I originally wanted to go, like a whale that is not bothered by a wave.”

Despite his continued success, Park Hae-soo still maintained modesty, describing himself as an actor who would still play a role in a small play, saying, “It’s hard to believe that someone who used to perform with even one audience member and put all his strength into not caring about the size of the audience, has now become an actor who receives such worldwide attention and love. Like all actors, I also dreamed of becoming a good actor, not focusing solely on the pursuit of popularity. That’s why I’m even more grateful for the huge attention I’ve received now.”

Finally, Park Hae-soo ended the interview by talking about his future goal as an actor, saying, “I want to be a comfort to someone through my acting and projects and spread the power of this culture and art. After all, since I went out to this sea to become an actor, shouldn’t I go to the end? Slowly, slowly.”

The full interview and photos of Park Hae-soo can be found in the October issue of Cosmopolitan.


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