Park Eunbin celebrated 2022 Christmas Eve with BINGOs in Kuala Lumpur Fanmeet


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It was a great honor for me that the beautiful and versatile actress Park Eunbin spent Christmas Eve together with BINGO (the name of the Park Eunbin fandom) in Kuala Lumpur! 2022 Asia Tour EUNBIN NOTE: BINKAN in Kuala Lumpur was the last stop of her tour and she mentioned that this place was added due to fan demands; happy BINGO!

Park Eunbin appeared for the first time in a beautiful green skirt and white blouse (she said that today is her human Christmas!) during the performance of “Hello” by Red Velvet Joy. The audience was impressed by her cursory greeting on bahasa; “Selamat datang ke Park Eunbin fanmeeting, gembira dapat jumpa semua. Dah lama nak jumpa. Terima kasih sebab datang” (Welcome to Pak Eunbin, glad to see you all. I’ve been waiting to meet you guys, thanks for coming) . «Awak semua boleh nampak saya? Yang dibelakang boleh nampak saya? Baik-baik” (Do you all see me? What about the people in the back? That’s great).

Fanmiting was divided into several segments, the first of which was Today’s Profile and TMI from Pak Eunbin. She said that she fell asleep at 5 a.m. because of excitement, but, nevertheless, looks good and energetic throughout the show. Her goal for this day is to have a happy Christmas Eve with her fans. She also mentioned that it is the first time she celebrates Christmas in such a warm country, and we hope that this will be an unforgettable event for her! Next segment: “Eunbin is interested in fans”; she wanted to know why fans love her, and host Owen Yap read some BINGO messages. A fan from Hong Kong asked if she was an angel who fell from the sky and how to become one, to which Park Eunbin wittily agreed: “Yes, I am an angel!”. The next segment was the most memorable for the fans, as all the viewers could participate in the game of the balance of X and O; “Eunbin, which you might not know about”. The three final winners received a special bag drawn by your humble servant Park Eunbin!

Then Park Eunbin changed into a stunning red dress, while fans saw clips featuring Park Eunbin in the images of her past dramas — Song Jiwon from “Hello, My Twenties”, Lee Seung from “Hot Plate League”, Chae Sung-A from Do You like Brahms?, Lee Hwi from “Love the king” and Park Eunbin herself. Truly versatile and multi-talented actress Park Ynbin managed to perfectly embody and convey each character.

After the video, Park Eunbin appeared on stage again, singing the song “The Blue Night of Jeju Island” (she also sang this song as the soundtrack to “Extraordinary Woo Young Woo”), and the crowd held blue lights, turning the event hall into a beautiful blue ocean. Since it’s Christmas Eve, she was asked if she could make a wish for Santa Claus, and she wished that everyone would love her future projects as well.

As a surprise from the Malaysian BINGO, Pak Ynbin received a video message and greetings from fans from all over the world, as well as a surprise banner with the inscription “햇빛 별빛 달빛 보다 은빛 우리의 빈칸을 밝게 비추는 빛” (instead of Sunlight, Starlight and Moonlight, this is the light of Eunbin, which brightly illuminates our binkan). And it’s not a holiday without a surprise cake. She looked happy and excited about this event and continued to shoot a lot of videos and photos with fans!

“I was worried if the binkan (empty seat) wasn’t filled, and the venue was empty, and I would be left on stage alone” — Park Eunbin. She was very grateful to everyone present, and also thanked the fans who came from abroad.

Before ending the show with the last two songs “Glittery” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”, Park Eunbin took the opportunity to thank her company Namoo Actors and all the employees, producers, directors and managers who participated in the tour. and worked hard to make every stop a success.

Thank you, Park Eunbin, for a wonderful and unforgettable Christmas Eve, we hope to see you again in Kuala Lumpur for the Fanmeet Tour 2023!

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