Park Bo-young Is a Nurse Adjusting to Life in a Psychiatric Ward in a “Daily Dose of Sunlight”


The upcoming Netflix series “A Daily Dose of Sunlight” has released its first frame featuring Park Bo Young!

Based on a webtoon titled “Morning Comes to Psychiatric Wards as Well” and the real-life experience of a psychiatric nurse, “A Daily Dose of Sunlight” tells the story of nurse Da Eun when she meets people with wounded hearts in a psychiatric ward.

Park Bo-yong will play the role of Jung Da-eun, who is experiencing personal and professional growth, ignoring her difficulties at work after she was transferred from internal medicine to the mental health department, and deeply caring for her patients. Meanwhile, Yeon Woo Jin will play the role of Dong Gong, a proctologist with a quirky personality who smiles at Da Eun’s pure actions.

The drama will mark the return of director Lee Jae-gyu, who directed the Netflix series “All of us are Dead,” which is scheduled to premiere in the fourth quarter of 2023. Follow the news!


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