Park Bo Gum tops the list of brand reputation for actors


The monthly ranking of K-Dramas revealed, these were the actors who earned a great brand reputation during September.

Dramas have become very popular, the new form of Korean entertainment has conquered fans, not only of K-pop, but lovers of romance, comedy and action stories, in addition to idols, Korean actors too They are very popular, some of them have millionaire contracts and their series reach high rating levels.

Through the portal of the Korean Institute for Business Research, the September ranking was revealed, a list that ranks the most popular actors with the most mentions during the month. For September, star Park Bo Gum topped the brand reputation, the actor has participated in dramas such as “Record of Youth”, “Itaewon Class”, “Reply 1988” and “I remember you” among others.

The K-Dramas idol stood out among 50 other actors. Park Bo Gum got a score of 7,498,341, among search terms like “Park So Dam,” “Seo Hyun Jin,” and “Kim Jae Hwan,” in addition to words related to him like sweet. Positive reactions from knetizens were over 70 percent.


Brand reputation rates Korean stars according to the interaction they have on social media or search portals like Naver, the number of times fans search with their name or something related to them, like dramas, cast companions, qualifiers, among others.

The second on the list was Park Eun Bin, actress of the drama “Do You Like Brahms?” She has also participated in other series such as “Hello my twenties”, “Age of youth” and “The Ghost Detective”, among others. The star earned a score of 4,731,448. For third place, “Alice” star Kim Hee Sun achieved a figure of over 3,800 for his brand reputation.

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The popularity of drama actors also increases with the success and ratings of their current projects, as people are interested in everything related to them. Also on the list were 27 other acting professionals, including:

  • Kim ha neul
  • Park So Dam, who stars in “Record of Youth” and also starred in the movie “Parasites.”
  • Lee Joon Gi, who stars in the romantic drama “Flower of Evil”, a story that has given much to talk about for the “perfect” character, but who is actually a psychopathic murderer
  • Lee Do Hyun, actor who participates in “18 Again”, remake of the film made by Zac Efron
  • Kim Min Jae, Park Eun Bin’s partner in “Do You Like Brahms?”
  • Hwang shin hye
  • Moon Chae Won, the wife in “Flower of Evil,” who is unaware of her partner’s dark identity.
  • Cho seung woo
  • Joo Won, protagonist of “Alice”.
  • Jin ki joo
  • Ha hee ra
  • Ong Seong Wu
  • Shin ye eun
  • Jeon in hwa
  • Byun woo seok
  • Lee Joon Hyuk, actor to star in new series “Stranger 2”
  • Kwak Si Yang
  • Yoon sang hyun
  • Lee Min Jung
  • Park ju hyun
  • Shin Ae Ra
  • Oh yoon ah
  • Lee Yoo Ri
  • Lee Da In
  • Lee Jang Woo
  • Bae doona
  • Park Ji Hyun, the actress preparing for her new drama Mount Jiri, also made a camero for the zombie series “Kingdom”.

All of them are part of the dramas currently on air, also their brand reputation includes the different commercial announcements they make in South Korea.


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