Park Beyond Plays With The Impossible, But Without Putting Physics Aside


Park Beyond: Yesterday (25), during GamesCon, the new game from Limbic Entertainment, the same producer of Tropico 6: Park Beyond, was announced, an amusement park management game in a footprint similar to the classic RollerCoaster Tycoon. The difference is that he uses the impossible to turn imagination into reality. We talked to the developers and here’s everything we know about the title.

“Impossible” the fun!

The great difference of the title, as mentioned, is the “impossification”, a system of upgrades for its attractions that go against the law of logic and physics (not entirely) so that your park is the most attractive and different in the world.

We could see two examples of this system, the first with a ferris wheel that had smaller wheels to make the trip taller and more fun, and the second was a kind of “viking submarine” that put a “real” giant octopus to catch passengers and tossing around.

This system is non-modifiable, with all upgrades being pre-programmed. On the other hand, the construction of the roller coasters is completely modular, giving each one the freedom to create this type of attraction as they wish.

When I said that the game was not totally against the laws of physics, I was referring exactly to this feature, since it is necessary to pay attention to the speed of the cart to perform jumps or even reach the end of the trip.

Take care of the park and make everyone happy

Park Beyond has a campaign mode in which the player will be the creative engineer and build the craziest attractions, having to deal with the requests of the public, which craves new things.

Not only is it possible to choose which mission to choose, each having a goal and a reward, but also how to handle it. These choices are made in conversations with the park’s two main NPCs, Izzy and Phil.

Quests will directly affect various park issues that must be taken care of by the player, whether it’s ticket prices, shop items, team size, or other concerns that can be addressed in the deep management system it promises to have.

Park Beyond will be released in 2022 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.


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