Paris will have chargers for electric scooters around the city


The city of Paris plans to install 150 universal charging stations in the Paris Rive Gauche district, which borders the River Seine. To get the idea out of the paper, the city will count on the partnership of the companies Duckt and EIT InnoEnergy. The project, which is still in the pilot phase, aims to reduce the climate impact in the city. The expectation is that the stations will be implemented by the second quarter of this year.

According to Duckt, the stations are simple and safe, and work as a solution to organize public space, as well as to reduce operating costs. Through them, it will be possible to supply energy not only for means of electric transport such as scooters and bicycles, but also for structures such as billboards, bus stations, poles, among others.

Alternative to reduce number of cars

“Paris is the ideal city to demonstrate the power of our solution. With around 15,000 electric scooters on the streets, policies will continue to move towards accelerated deployment of micromobility ”, said the national manager of Duckt in France, Marc-Antoine Réol.

The project will link public transport to stations – which aim, among other things, to reduce the number of cars in circulation. After all, it is worth remembering that, from 2024, diesel cars will be banned in the French capital and, from 2030, it will be the turn of gas cars.

“The solution was built to be adaptable and environmentally friendly,” added EIT InnoEnergy sales manager, Hortense Becheux. “This means that it can even generate its own energy through solar options. At EIT InnoEnergy, our goal is to accelerate the energy transition and, by supporting Duckt, we know that we can make a significant difference together. ”


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