Paris: where to play sports when the venues are closed?


Where can you practice a sports activity in Paris despite the closure of sports halls? We reveal everything to you!

Where can you play sports in Paris when the venues are closed?

For those who wanted to take up sport this year, it was a bit of a failure. Indeed the coronavirus has decided otherwise!

Sports halls have thus closed their doors. Although a few may have reopened, they only welcome professional and top athletes.

Moreover, during his first press conference of 2021, Jean-Castex did not announce good news for the world of sport. Indeed, theaters that hoped to reopen their doors on January 20 will have to wait a little longer.

No other date has yet been set. But in Paris, some were still able to continue exercising a sporting activity.

Since the last restrictions were eased, we have in fact the right to move freely. Many take the opportunity to go running in the many parks of the capital and in the surrounding green spaces.

We think of the Bois de Vincennes or Boulogne. Others simply organized themselves at home! Indeed, during confinement already, many people have taken up sport at home.

In particular thanks to several influencers who have set up an easy-to-follow program. And especially which does not require a lot of material.

But the city of Paris still had a nice surprise in store for its inhabitants at the start of the year. We reveal everything to you!


You may already be familiar with the concept of street-workout. Indeed, in several parks of the capital, there are already facilities dedicated to bodybuilding.

This time, the city of Paris saw the big picture! Indeed, the Parc de la Villette located north of the French capital has just inaugurated the largest street-workout space in France!

Thus, in the 19th arrondissement of Paris you will now find everything you need to exercise. In total, this new space is 1,540 square meters! Just that.

There are therefore several facilities to strengthen the body, all for free of course! From cross-training to fitness to parkour, you will find your happiness there!

You will be able to engage in different activities while respecting barrier gestures. Please note that access to Parc de la Villette is always free.

The park is also open every day! The street-workout area will still be closed between 1am and 6am.

This still leaves you with a good time slot to enjoy it at any time of the day! A true little paradise for all sportsmen deprived of their room. From now on you will have no more excuses not to play sports!


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