Paris Hilton Announces Cooking Show on Netflix; look!


Paris Hilton: Actress and socialite Paris Hilton announced her return to the cameras through a cooking show on Netflix. The series will be titled Cooking with Paris Hilton and will show throughout its first season her cooking skills for preparing simple recipes, as well as covering other topics such as fashion and party advice, with possible celebrity appearances as well.

The famous published a poster on her Instagram to reveal the novelty — with many iconic elements of her figure — simulating a cookbook cover.

“I’m so excited! Next month I’m going back to television and this time I’m taking over the kitchen! Stay tuned for more ads! Comment on what dishes you want me to make below,” she wrote.

The streaming service’s attraction will be inspired by the “Cooking with Paris” video, which she posted on YouTube and soon went viral. That’s because the content surprised fans for its fun tone and a little “nonsense” to make a lasagna — even with the “help” of one of her dogs.

Cooking With Paris Hilton will feature six episodes of 27 minutes each, available on Netflix starting August 4th.